Thursday, May 19, 2022

This month we will learn more about the opportunity to ‘listen’ for safety signals in social media from the Sanofi Digital team, as they share some of their advanced analytics and visualization regarding what is being said about COVID vaccine safety, with a particular focus on children. 

Then we will discuss ‘looking’ for the nature of protection from mRNA vaccines. Can antibody levels predict vaccine efficacy? Should we be ‘looking’ for something else? Join us as we discuss the potential for understanding and measuring the levels of protection that COVID-19 vaccines give us, and how much is enough. Dr. Peter Gilbert of the University of Washington will share his research into the immune correlates of protection in vaccinated individuals, particularly binding antibodies and neutralizing antibodies. We’ll welcome follow-up discussion on how to ‘look’ for protection in real-world data.

This is our once-monthly COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator Therapeutics/Vaccines Lab Meeting. This meeting is held the third Thursday of every month at 3pm ET.

If you are interested in joining the meeting series please email us at